What is Citizen Science? 

Citizen Science, by definition, is scientific research conducted in some way by non-professional scientists or volunteers. There has been a long history of citizen science in terrestrial environments and recently there has been a surge in opportunities to contribute to science through remote applications, but hands on citizen science in marine environments is becoming increasingly popular. 

There is a desire amongst the public to participate in marine conservation activities and to have the opportunity to learn more about marine life and ecology and to contribute to the protection and stewardship of these environments. 


Why Oceans Connected? 


Oceans Connected was founded on the success of the Citizen Science project The Big Sea Survey which worked with volunteers in the north east of England to record the distribution and abundance of intertidal organisms. Through the project a need to find out about other citizen science projects in marine environments was born. As a result the beginings of a network of similar citizen science projects working in marine environments was developed and we began to establish links. Since this time the need to create a larger, more accessable network has never been greater and Oceans Connected has been created to do just this.